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STAYSTRONG Evolution Wheelset 20 x 1 -1/8

Glowing review, because they’re rad!

We had to go all the way downstairs to our living room to find an 11 year old racer with the exact blend of ‘over-inflated jumping confidence’ coupled with ‘no-common sense’ to test these wheels. We bolted a pair onto Ike’s bike a year ago and set him loose. He runs 1-3/8 tyres in case you’re wondering.
Typically you’ll find this size wheel on ‘mini’ up to ‘Pro-Junior’ sized race bikes, so Ike is at the older age of riders who would be on a 1-1/8 rim.
In a nut-shell these are genuinely the strongest 1-1/8 wheels Ike has ever ridden. Ike Turner over here, smacks his wheel around at every session and it’s got to the stage of trust that I don’t even bother checking the rear rim as it stands up to the abuse every time.
They spin lovely and they’re also the lightest wheels he’s ever had. Not as light as carbon rims, but we’re not that desperate. We liked them so much, we’ve just bought a fresh pair.
Go to the Stay Strong website. straystrongbrand.com

Colours: Black, Red, Blue or Polished


Stand out from the crowd with this retro masterpiece. Raised by the godfathers of skateboarding the Full Cut is back in demand, better than ever. High-Impact ABS or High-density polyethylene shell (depending on color) lined with EPS and outfitted with compression molded pads. Style and protection that can’t be duplicated.

FULL CUT CERTIFIED S&M/PRO-TEC HELMET Only wizards actually understand the magical science behind high-impact ABS, high-density polyethylene and ELS lining. So be blissfully ignorant and enjoy the simple reassurance that Pro-Tec have been banging out the raddest helmets for years. Full-cuts look rad. Add an S&M logo and you get the added benefit of feeling a bit more like Dave Clymer. Sonny did time once for biting. He tested the XS in white. It was never going to be too long before he fell on his head. So, one hit on the head at the Source Park did prove that Sonny’s helmets sat tight and don’t move on impact. Probably due to the moulded fit and full-cut. Result. Black ones are slightly more expensive because we guess they have a bit more tech in the shell. This little helmet has been rattling around the back of our van loose for 2 months. Quality finish is all hardwearing. Get one.