The lead coach is fully qualified don’t worry about it. He sometimes bangs on titles but he needs to let it go.

We could tell you that Bexhill BMX track sessions are based on the latest teaching methods from British Cycling, which is true, but what we’re really about is proper BMX mischief. Put the kettle and Google Dave Clymer.

If your parents think Dave Clymer is a bad influence than tell them something like…”Mum, I need to go to JumpClub they teach core fundamental techniques and skills. This is the same approach used with British Cycling’s top riders, whose coaches often strip back to basics. Establishing good habits and a strong foundation will enable riders to reach their potential and find their own style in their own time”.

The idea is not to produce identical robots but to encourage each rider to use this foundation to eventually express themselves in their own individual way.

To be honest, all we care about is getting kids stoked on BMX.

Guaranteed Radness!

What do I need?

You need a safe BMX bike with bar ends, no pegs, full length trousers and long sleeve top with a correctly fitted full-face helmet, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads minimum.

*After the session get your pegs back on and go hit up a rail…

How do I get involved

Bexhill coaching sessions have waiting lists at the minute. To join please email your riders name, age and a basic description of their riding skills (this helps us to put them into the correct group).

We currently run three 1 hour sessions between 10:00 – 1:00 . Once involved in the in the session you’ll join our private couching Facebook page were there will be further info.